The World in a Garden


Explore the Cloud Forest, Flower Dome, SuperTrees and more!

The World in a Garden is the follow-up book to Perpetual Spring: Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. The earlier book was published at the Gardens’ official opening. Four years later, Gardens by the Bay has taken root, blossomed, and matured into a true Singapore icon. This book looks at the ingredients of its success, its ongoing programmes, and its plans for the future, while giving special focus to the Gardens’ diverse plant displays and collections.

Experienced nature writer Bonnie Tinsley provides succinct text that explains the rationale for the displays and the strategy to maintain the plants in the desired groupings. This is a highly visual book and includes a wealth of full-colour photos that capture the best of the Gardens. In the four years since its opening, many of the planned displays have reach maturity. The result are stunning images that capture the flora and its surrounding vegetation in splendid tableaus.

The World in a Garden is ideal for nature lovers, amateur and professional gardeners as well as photography enthusiasts.

ISBN: 9789814721110
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 256
Year Published: 2016
Language: English

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