This Side of Heaven

Publisher: Epigram Books

A comedian, a nun, a reality TV star and countless others meet in a Garden. This is not the start of a joke, but the beginnings of a parable. These denizens may be running out of time, while there is all the time in their Kafkaesque world, and an orchestra is playing a song nobody else may hear.

“Densely written, erotic and poetic, with unexpected twists and turns, Cyril's narrative provides a journey into consciousness by the unconscious; full of acute, nuanced observation and crafted anecdote.”
—Sir Malcolm Jack, author of To the Fairest Cape

“With deceptive simplicity, the mutable voices combine in a tale both irresistible and haunting. Reading this story feels like witnessing a communion, or perhaps a vivisection, of familiar states of being. Evocative and unforgettable.”
—Shubigi Rao, author of Pulp

“Wong pulls the rug from under us but leaves us still standing, albeit transported via his magic carpet ride to a new vantage point and offered a different perspective.”
—KK Seet, author of Death Rites

About the Author
Cyril Wong is a two-time Singapore Literature Prize-winning poet and the recipient of the National Arts Council’s Young Artist Award for Literature. His books include poetry collections Tilting Our Plates to Catch the Light (2007) and The Lover’s Inventory (2015), novel The Last Lesson of Mrs de Souza (2013) and fiction collection Ten Things My Father Never Taught Me (2014). He completed his doctoral degree in English Literature at the National University of Singapore in 2012. His works have been featured in the Norton anthology, Language for a New Century, in Chinese Erotic Poems by Everyman’s Library, and in magazines and journals around the world. His writings have been translated into Turkish, German, Italian, French and Japanese.

ISBN: 9789814845823
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 176
Year Published: 2020
Language: English

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