Traditional Chinese Brews & Remedies

Publisher: Landmark Books

Every Chinese household to some extent uses home remedies. Children are often given a bowlful of soup or brew without any explanation other than “eat this, it is good for you.” These remedies are not old wives’ tales. From time immemorial, food concepts have been a unique part of Chinese culture and science. Through empirical practice, Chinese scholars and pharmacologists have recorded the reasons for eating various goods, and there is sound basis for even the simplest home brew.

The recipes for these remedies are seldom found in books. Rather, they were passed down orally from generation to generation. This book preserves these recipes, explains their use and makes them accessible to anyone who wishes to maintain good health the natural, Chinese way.

ISBN: 9789814189262
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 96
Year Published: 2014
Language: English

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