Publisher: Epigram Books

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong: “We want our young to think independently, to explore with confidence, and to pursue their passions… Our people should feel free to express diverse views, pursue unconventional ideas, or simply be different.”

For many, this impassioned plea for a new generation and an open society by Mr. Lee at his swearing-in was unexpected, to say the least. For 11 schoolgirls, it was welcomed but late and a tad unnecessary. Over the past two years, they have pursued their passion, thought independently, and expressed unconventional ideas. In this book, they bare their soul on relationships and regrets, desire and discovery, childhood and comedy. Uncut is their compelling collection of poetry, prose and photography.

Contributors: Angela Ang, Heather Chi, S. Chua, Lee Yue Lin, Desiree Lim, Loh Junxing, Armiliah Aripin, Jasmine Pang, Dawn Toh, Samantha Toh, Tsjeng Zhiying

ISBN: 9789810506230
Page Count: 160
Year Published: 2004
Language: English

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