Walking with God as a Christian Parent

Publisher: Armour Publishing

Why is bringing up children so difficult nowadays? What can Christian parents do to ensure their children are responsible, confident, creative and well-behaved? How can Christian parents be faithful and truthful towards God, their children and society in the face of the increasing uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and volatility present in the contemporary world?
Walking with God as a Christian Parent: Wisdom for the 21st Century leads readers into a deeper encounter with God’s divine and unshakable parenting plan. The chapters have been specially researched and designed to show how Christian parents, teachers and educators are learning and growing in their distinctive personal situations. The unique testimonies and life stories describe and explain the joys and challenges of parenting in the real hope that we will be encouraged by sharing in the wisdom that comes from bringing up children according to godly principles.

ISBN: 9789814668996
Page Count: 216
Language: English

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