War On Weight

Publisher: Armour Publishing

Men and women across the globe try different ways to achieve their ideal weight but fail miserably. Why? In War on Weight, Dr Victor YC Ong explains the reasons and presents to readers a new paradigm for lifelong ideal weight. This groundbreaking book covers: . Gives readers a firm understanding of obesity-related conditions. . Explains why conventional approaches to weight problems do not work . Shows the need for a new paradigm to attain lifelong ideal weight - achievable through the revolutionary Tri-phasic Lifestyle Regimen (TLR). . Presents the scientific basis of using botancial versus chemical agents to treat weight problems. . Features Professor Emeritus Marcin Krotkiewski, a leading expert in obesity, who shares his views and latest discovery on obesity in an exclusive interview. . Covers the real-life accounts of real people - including celebrities Moses Lim and Fann Wong - in managing their bodyweight without using drugs or surgery.

ISBN: 9789814138949
Page Count: 232
Year Published: 2007
Language: English

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